Convert your entire music library

Klingelring© can also convert your entire music library on your iDevice or in your iCloud (using iTunes Match) into high-quality ringtones with just one tap.

Klingelring© looks for the chorus of the song and automatically edits it into a ringtone, without you having to take the time to manually edit every song. Isn't that great?!

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You have converted your music library. Now what? Browse our large music library and stream entire songs directly from our partners, for free! Isn't that great?

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With thousands of members, Klingelring© Connect has become the largest social network for ringtone enthusiasts! Discover your friends' ringtones, share your own ringtones and Ringlists with the world, discover new ringtones on our top ringtone charts, and let yourself be inspired by premium Ringlists.

You don't know what ringtone you want or just want to keep your system up to date? Then Klingelring© Connect is the right place for you! Try it. Membership is completely free ;)!

Create awesome preview videos!

Klingelring© allows you to create awesome and cool looking preview videos of your favorite songs. You can then share these music previews on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and many others with just one tap!

See for yourself!

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